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Start-ups in Austria

We help all new start-ups with the forward-looking choice of legal form (sole proprietorship, GmbH) and advise on possible subsidies and investment premiums as well as financing and funding agencies.

Start-Ups Austria

Our services:

  • Personal, telephone or video conference consultation
  • Overview of the Austrian funding landscape (aws, federal government, federal states, private investors)
  • Processing of tax and social security records
  • Advice on legal form (GmbH, KG, OG; sole proprietorship)
  • Development of scalable processes in accounting
  • Growth analyses
  • Advice on drawing up a business plan
  • Provision of industry key figures

Cross-border tax advice

Law firm StB. Markus Geisler, MBA MSc

Further topics

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Employee assessment 2023

The 2023 employee tax assessment is just around the corner and it’s time to get to grips with this important process. Every year, you have the opportunity to reclaim overpaid taxes by submitting an employee tax assessment to the tax office. For many employees, this is an important opportunity to optimize their financial situation and gain an overview of their tax situation.

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Start-ups in Austria 2

Differential taxation Austria

Differential taxation in Austria is an important tax instrument that is particularly important for resellers of second-hand goods such as cars, antiques, works of art and similar items. This procedure allows retailers to pay VAT only on the difference between the purchase price and the sales price, instead of on the entire sales price. This avoids a double tax burden, which is particularly advantageous when trading in used goods purchased by private individuals.

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Start-ups in Austria 3

Integrated Reporting Framework

Integrated Reporting (IR) marks a paradigm shift in corporate reporting. Developed by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the aim of IR is to provide a holistic view of a company’s value creation. This modern framework goes beyond traditional financial reporting and integrates financial, social, economic and environmental aspects into a single, coherent report.

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Start-ups in Austria 4

Clearing accounts of GmbH shareholders

Clearing accounts of GmbH shareholders play a central role in the financial structure and internal accounting of limited liability companies. They serve as an instrument for processing and documenting financial transactions between the shareholders and their GmbH. Both contributions by shareholders to the GmbH and withdrawals from the GmbH to the shareholders are recorded in these accounts. These entries cover a wide range of transactions, from the settlement of business invoices by the shareholder via the GmbH to private expenses incurred by the GmbH on behalf of the shareholder.

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Start-ups in Austria 6

Tax allowance for volunteers

Overview of the volunteer allowance: From January 1, 2024, people who provide voluntary services can benefit from a tax-free basic amount. This allowance, known as

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