Employee assessment 2023

Employee assessment 2023 1

The 2023 employee tax assessment is just around the corner and it’s time to get to grips with this important process. Every year, you have the opportunity to reclaim overpaid taxes by submitting an employee tax assessment to the tax office. For many employees, this is an important opportunity to optimize their financial situation and gain an overview of their tax situation.

Tax allowance for volunteers

Tax allowance for volunteers 2

Overview of the volunteer allowance: From January 1, 2024, people who provide voluntary services can benefit from a tax-free basic amount. This allowance, known as the volunteer allowance, applies to activities that are typically carried out within the framework of associations. Administrative obligations: Although this regulation is advantageous for recipients of the payments, it results […]

Employee bonus 2024

Employee bonus 2024 3

The temporary regulation on the tax-privileged inflation premium, which was originally valid until the end of 2023, was unexpectedly extended, albeit with significant modifications. This explains the key adjustments to what is now known as the “employee bonus” for 2024. Changes to the employee bonus for 2024: The name was changed to “employee bonus”. While […]