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  1. September 2023 | Energy cost flat rate: Now until 30.11. Submit an application

The energy cost allowance for smaller companies was announced back in spring and has been available for application since August 2023. Geisler & Hirschberger Tax consultant Innsbruck explains how you can submit the application.

It is now possible to apply for the energy cost allowance The long-awaited go-ahead for applications was given in the middle of the summer. We have already reported on the energy cost allowance in previous articles (see this article by tax consultant Schwaz) and on the necessary preparatory steps.

So if you have already completed your Handy-Signatur or ID-Austria and the correct ├ľNACE assignment, you can now submit the application without any problems.

You should only know the approximate annual turnover of your company for the calendar year 2022, as the online application form asks for turnover levels (e.g. EUR 100,000 to EUR 200,000).

Simple application process without paperwork: It is not necessary to attach any additional documents or receipts when applying for funding. The process has been simplified to make it easier for companies to access the funds. The entire application process can be completed online. All you have to do is log in with your ID-Austria on the company service portal at and click on the button provided for the application.

Note from the Austrian tax consultant: It is crucial to note that only the entrepreneur himself can submit the application. Representation by third parties or agents is not permitted. This ensures that the application process remains transparent and direct.

Choice of funding period: There are three different options for the funding period. Your choice should be based on funding already applied for or received for 2022. The energy cost allowance is a special type of subsidy, the amount of which depends on various factors:

  • Industry of the company
  • Annual turnover in 2022 (between EUR 10,000 and EUR 400,000)
  • Selected funding period

Definition of annual turnover 2022: The turnover for 2022 refers specifically to the key figure 000, which includes deliveries and other services in the advance VAT return (UVA) or in an official VAT assessment during the year. It is important to add up all reported values for the year 2022, whether monthly or quarterly. In addition, other benefits from the recapitulative statement for 2022 should also be taken into account.

Details on the funding amounts: The funding amounts vary depending on the period selected:

  • For the period from February 1 to December 31, 2022, the amount is between EUR 410 and EUR 2,475.
  • For the period from February 1 to September 30, 2022, the funding amount is between EUR 300 and EUR 1,800.
  • For the period from October 1 to December 31, 2022, the amount is between EUR 110 and EUR 675.

Important note: The turnover for the entire calendar year 2022 is decisive for the funding, regardless of the funding period selected or the company’s balance sheet date. It should also be noted that freelancers are excluded from this funding and therefore cannot submit an application.


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